DV – London

There are many qualified surveyors around, but Kerry has a unique quality.  In addition to being a highly competent, effective and professional Surveyor, she has an incredible and natural ability to make the client/customer feel at ease throughout a highly pressurised project. Kerry achieves this through her ability to empathise, instil trust and communicate complex and technical subjects in a way that is easily understood.

Having had the personal misfortune of a house fire, where our 3 bedroom semi detached house was both structurally and smoke damaged, Kerry represented us as our surveyor.

This was an emotionally draining time and Kerry was amazing.  She was professional, effective and competently protected our rights, as she led us through the highly challenging process of reconstructing our house.   Throughout the process she took time to help us understand the issues being faced, explaining our options and ensuring we took the right course of action. 

I would not hesitate in using Tranby Surveying again in the future and highly recommend their services.

CF – Cornwall

“Following a fire destroying the roof of a substantial block of outbuildings I have been greatly assisted in the rebuilding process by Gemma Gwynn of Tranby Surveying – who has been responsible for the oversight – knowledgeable, practical and supportive in dealing with the sub-contractors.”

SR – Dartmoor

“I am happy to report that all the work has been completed to my utmost satisfaction.

I am grateful for your advice and support during a difficult time. As a result, the house and drive are now repaired and in good shape to endure the next cold weather challenge”

SG – Colchester

“Very experienced and professional throughout, demanding the highest standards throughout the job. Was able to be the intermediary between the builder and the client, communicating at the necessary levels. Would highly recommend!

ML – London

Thank you for the report of the finalisation of work to Barley Barns.  It all sounds superb and we are so relieved at last to see it all done and splendid. The blinds went in today and they are perfect colour and fit and complete the trimmings.

We had no idea how complex it would be after the London underworld had wrecked it for us , but having you to sort all the technicalities has been wonderful, just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough

IM – Exeter

‘Just wanted to say “thank you” for providing such a detailed and excellent report within a reasonable time scale – just what was required on what is proving to be quite a difficult case’

YZ – London

I take this opportunity to thank you for the time you spent investigating and assessing the damage in our property and we express our sincere appreciation for the professional and comprehensive schedule of works you presented.

It has not been easy for me and my family throughout this claim, and I trust that your schedule of work/plan would be soon implemented in full and the work will be completed to industry standards.

Once again my family and I thank you for your visit and the courtesy accorded to us