Value At Risk Assessments

It is important that your property is insured for the correct value from the outset. Some policies are index linked, but if the initial value is incorrect, then it likely you will be under insured.

We can survey your property to determine  the demolition and rebuild costs should you suffer a devastating loss. We will report on the value of the rebuild cost of your property, be it Commercial or Domestic, which provides you with an up to date accurate value for the Sum Insured for Buildings Insurance purposes.

Assessing your Sum Insured is something that you should do regularly, should you be underinsured and you suffer a loss, your Insurers may not pay the full amount of your claim. In some cases they may not pay anything. On the flip side, should you be over insured you will be paying inflated premiums unnecessarily and wasting your money.

At Tranby Surveying we are committed to delivering a first-class service for our customers across a range of sectors.

We are an independent practice of Chartered and professional Building Surveyors with over 35 years’ experience managing reinstatement of commercial and domestic insurance claims, undertaking one-off surveys such as defect diagnosis, and fulfilling the role of contract administrator.