A crack does not always mean there is subsidence. There may be other factors that need to be taken into account, roof spread, lintel failure, thermal movement or even settlement in the property will need to be considered.

Identifying and catching any issue early is vital if you do not want to be dealing with bigger structural problems.

Tranby Surveying Ltd can provide a full investigation service with site investigations, excavation of trial pits, geotechnical analysis and sub-soil testing. We can also arrange for CCTV Survey of drainage systems and root analysis to be undertaken.

Based on the findings we can then devise and implement suitable repair plans for the reinstatement works required.

At Tranby Surveying we are committed to delivering a first-class service for our customers across a range of sectors.

We are an independent practice of Chartered and professional Building Surveyors with over 35 years’ experience managing reinstatement of commercial and domestic insurance claims, undertaking one-off surveys such as defect diagnosis, and fulfilling the role of contract administrator.