Party Wall Matters

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 covers three distinct types of work; alterations or repairs to a party structure (usually walls but may also be floors), the construction of new walls at the boundary and excavation close to neighbouring properties.

These are some typical examples of some work that is likely to be covered by the Act:

  • Removing chimney breasts that are attached to a party wall
  • Cutting beams into a party wall as part of a loft conversion
  • Excavating foundations within 3m of a neighbouring or shared structure

When intending to make alterations to a party or a boundary wall or to build close to/on a boundary (up to a distance of 6 metres/20 feet away) one of the key points to remember is that it is vital to get expert advice as early as possible. You will undoubtedly need to formally notify your neighbour of any of your intentions, a requirement under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

By involving party wall specialists such as Tranby Surveying Ltd, we can act for you in preparing and serving notices and agreeing an Award as the Building Owner, or receiving notice and negotiating the Award for you as the Adjoining Owner

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