From our initial visit we can assist with designing an appropriate strip out and drying regime, working alongside restoration and drying contractors to ensure the best and most efficient results for the building is achieved. 

We will design and specify the required repairs, procure the works and oversee the repairs to completion as required. 

We will always be sympathetic to the building fabric and have the concerns of the customer at heart. 

We can incorporate changes to help with future flood resilience in areas of particular risk.

Flood Event & Surge Assistance

Flooding in the UK is becoming more common place. Building damage as a result of flooding can take between 6 months and in some cases 2 years to repair, depending on the extent of flooding and the building fabric.

Our Surveyors have assisted domestic and commercial clients through the trauma of a flood event on many occasions. We recognise that flood damage is not always straight forward. Different building types and different materials need particular care and attention at each stage of the process to minimise secondary and long term damage to the building.

As well as individual cases we are able to provide Surveying support to Insurers and Claims Professionals in the event of a surge. We’d be happy to take on blocks of work and manage the whole process from strip out, drying, and reinstatement. 


At Tranby Surveying we are committed to delivering a first-class service for our customers across a range of sectors.

We are an independent practice of Chartered and professional Building Surveyors with over 35 years’ experience managing reinstatement of commercial and domestic insurance claims, undertaking one-off surveys such as defect diagnosis, and fulfilling the role of contract administrator.