Escape of Water

An escape of water can happen suddenly or can be as a result of a long-standing leak that only becomes apparent when the building fabric gives way.

Our Surveyors have dealt with many projects where the damage emanates from an escape of water. We understand the importance of knowing how the escape of water effects different types of buildings and can recommend different drying techniques depending on the materials used in the building fabric.

We will arrange for appropriate strip out where required, sanitisation of affected areas, appropriate drying techniques and a repair solution that will work for your particular building.

Diagnosis & Repair Solutions

Whether you require a Surveyor to assist with diagnosing the source of the leak or to design a repair scheme resulting from your escape of water, our Surveyors have years of experience working alongside leak detection, drying and restoration companies. 

Our approach will always be what is best for the building taking into account the needs of our customer.

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