Defect Diagnosis

Defect diagnosis involves the analysis of a building’s construction to understand the causes of failure and enable appropriate repair work to be specified.

Before any repair work is undertaken it is essential to fully understand the root cause of the visible damage. Too often contractors are appointed to treat the symptoms, such as damp staining, without remedying the underlying building defect.

This can lead to the problem reoccurring within a short period of time, leading to further costly repairs.

Defect Diagnosis

By engaging Tranby Surveying Ltd, you can be assured of a thorough and impartial diagnosis, using both non invasive and if necessary invasive methods of investigation. The emphasis will always be to minimise the amount of disruption caused to the property in identifying the underlying cause.

Following our investigations we produce a comprehensive survey report, which identifies the defect and specifies the appropriate repair work which can be passed to a contractor of your choice, who will have clear instructions on how to undertake the remedial work.

At Tranby Surveying we are committed to delivering a first-class service for our customers across a range of sectors.

We are an independent practice of Chartered and professional Building Surveyors with over 35 years’ experience managing reinstatement of commercial and domestic insurance claims, undertaking one-off surveys such as defect diagnosis, and fulfilling the role of contract administrator.